Spring Runoff Creates Beautiful Waterfalls!

Spring Runoff Waterfall in the Rocky Mountains

One of my favorite things about the outdoors and living in the Rocky Mountains is waterfalls.  Who’s else out there loves waterfalls???  I don’t care if they are huge or tiny, I love them.  Maybe its because I grew up in Michigan surrounded by the Great Lakes but I love the water.  And I doubly love falling water. Its so soothing, the sound, the action, all of it, I love all of it!  

Spring Runoff Waterfalls 2017
Spring Runoff Waterfall 2017

When I was a kid, a lady we named Grandma Mary took us to see the Niagara Falls.  It was amazing to see so much flowing water.  We got to walk down to the bottom, wear rain gear, and watch it fall.  I did take pictures with my wind up pink camera and I thought I was in heaven.  

Not long after Nate and I got married we went on a big road trip to Oregon so I could see where he grew up. We stopped by a ton of waterfalls along the route and I had a blast. Nate now will point out waterfalls where ever we go.  

Oregon Waterfalls
Oregon 2014

Note to self, I really do need to make it a priority to hike to some new waterfalls around me and take some pictures.  

Spring Runoff Waterfalls in the Rocky Mountains
Spring Runoff Waterfall in the Rocky Mountains

And this waterfall is super special because it only occurs in the spring.  It only occurs when all the snow is melting off the high parts of the mountain.  It makes me smile every time I drive by it and see it.  Luckily for me, I get to see this beauty twice a day, five days a week, on my drive into work.  It does help to make a long commute feel a lot shorter. Hope you enjoy the pictures as well!!


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