Spring has Sprung!

Tulips in the Rocky Mountains

One of my most favorite parts about living in the Rocky Mountains is the extremely long spring.  Not everyone get this, however we live at about 8,500 feet and I work at about 5,700 feet.  Because of this, the temperature range is huge.  It could be snowing at my house and sunny in town.  

Daffodils in the Rocky Mountains

This also means that town get to start spring LONG before we do at home.  And, it’s started!! I went for a walk the other day and saw all the tulips and daffodils and other beautiful flowers starting to bloom.  So I grabbed my camera and went for another walk.  

Trees are Budding in the Rocky Mountains

But this time I also noticed that the trees are starting to bud.  How exciting!!! Its so nice to see green and sun!  I even paint ed my toe nails so I can wear sandals.  Its starting to be sandal weather again!!! 

Tulips in the Rocky Mountains

Ahh, its so nice to no longer see only snow and to get to see the start of another summer. And, spring is so great because in this super touristy area, this is still before tourist season has begun which means us locals get to enjoy it for a bit before it gets too crowded.  Lucky us!!

Beautiful spring flowers in the Rocky Mountains


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