Recipe Review: Gluten Free Vegan Banana Blondies

Vegan Banana Blondies

When it comes to desserts, one of my favorite things to do is lighten up classics.  There is a fine line between a super delicious dessert and something I make too healthy.  With all my health issues, the healthier I can make something the better I know I will feel.  If my brain thinks its a treat, its a treat. So, if I can substitute something not so healthy for something healthy [maybe remove some of the sugar for banana. Or change white sugar to coconut sugar. Or chocolate to dark chocolate] I’m all for it.  

Ingredients for Vegan Banana Blondies

I’ve been holding onto this gluten free Vegan Banana Blondies recipe for quite a while and I’ve been really super excited to make it. It mixes up a lot of what I like while still being somewhat healthy.  Since I didn’t change the recipe much, I’m going to call it more of a recipe review than an actual recipe. 

Vegan Banana Blondies Whipped Up

First off, I don’t seem to do well with making my own gluten free treats.  I really need to learn how to do this at 8,000 feet.  Making regular bread at the elevation can be a challenge in itself, but add the complexity of gluten free and mostly my gluten free creations turn out pretty dry.  And this one was no exception.  My Blondie came out dry.  If any of you out there know how to bake gluten free at a high altitude, please let me know, I’m dying to learn!!

Vegan Banana Blondies Pre Cooking

Secondly, if I’m going to call it a dessert it needs to have chocolate in it.  And lots of it.  So, I did add dark chocolate chips.  However, since my husband can’t have chocolate [it gives him migraines] I didn’t mix them in and instead I put them on top.  Because my blondie was so dry, they didn’t really melt into blondie at all.  Note to self:  mix them in next time, he doesn’t eat sweets anyway!  

Vegan Banana Blondies

Third, since the consistency didn’t come out right for me, I’ve been eating them with my coffee in the AM and that has been pretty darn good.  LOL!

Vegan Banana Blondies

Aside from that, if you can figure out how to make gluten free as fluffy as Southern In Law did, I bet you will love this recipe.  I did use coconut sugar instead of brown sugar and I added walnuts.  Once I get ‘gluten free baking at high altitude’ down, I’ll try this recipe again.


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