Recipe Review: Gluten Free FODMAP Friendly Banana Bread

Slice of Gluten Free FODMAP friendly Banana Bread

Eeeek! I just realized its been almost a month since I’ve posted here.  Wow does time fly! Its been a busy few weeks for me… I’ve traveled for work, played around the house now that its summer, I’ve been working hard. But that’s probably no excuse not to blog!  I have been posting images of my goings on to my Instagram page so please follow me there too!  So, without further ado, lets get into this Gluten Free FODMAP Friendly Banana Bread recipe review!!

Ingredients for Gluten Free FODMAP friendly Banana Bread 

A few years back, I decided I wanted to start making homemade bread.  I don’t know if you remember this post or this post  where I was using online resources to make bread at high elevation.  At that time, I was modifying lower elevation recipes to high elevation, which took a lot [I mean *A LOT*] of trial and error.  Mostly error.  But, with research and reading I eventually got that right.  One recipe book that helped me out a lot was this High Altitude Baking Cookbook.  It’s not very expensive on Amazon and if you are baking at altitude I would completely recommend it.

High Altitude Baking Cookbook for Banana Bread Recipe

Well, not only am I doing high elevation, I’m also trying to do gluten free.  And, obviously from this post, I’m not that great at it.  So I’ve been thinking and thinking about why my gluten free recipes haven’t been turning out. Then it came to me, I’m using Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour with gluten free recipes.  One to one being non-gluten free to gluten free.  So, I need to use regular recipes! [Light bulb!] 

One to One Flour For Gluten Free FODMAP friendly Banana Bread

ALSO, I learned another secret to gluten free baking.  SIFT THE FLOUR *BEFORE* YOU MEASURE!!! Seriously, this step is crucial!!  You use A LOT less flour than if you didn’t and the gluten free recipe comes out way fluffier.  Only took me about six months but I’m so glad that I figured it out.  LOL!  Learn from my mistakes and save yourself a ton of time!!

Gluten Free FODMAP friendly Banana Bread

I, of course, had to change up a few things when I made this however not enough to write the recipe down here.  Go get the cookbook [the book is like $4 on Amazon] and I guarantee you’ll be happy you did.  Here are the changes I did make:

  • Use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour instead of regular flour.
  • Change out the sugar for coconut sugar and I did not increase the amount of sugar I use as the recipe calls for with the banana bread recipe.
  • Always use 2 very ripe bananas – this I do not measure.
  • Do not omit the cinnamon as the recipe calls for with the banana bread.  I leave this in. I love cinnamon!

Gluten Free FODMAP friendly Banana Bread

I’ve now made this several times and I’ve been extremely happy with it every. single. time.  Generally its gone so fast that if I make it on the weekend [which is when I do a lot of my baking] its gone before I go to work on Monday.  It’s so good that even my husband, who generally will not touch anything gluten free that I make, will have multiple slices!!  

Slice of Gluten Free FODMAP friendly Banana Bread

I can’t give this recipe higher reviews.  You really need to try it out!!



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