Sofi’s Cambodia Video

Isaiah 55:12

Cambodia 2017 from sofi koe on Vimeo. Sofi, one of the amazing team members on 2017 Cambodia mission trip, put together a video from past trips and its pretty darn cool!  Love seeing all the love and the smiling faces.  I love to see what God does when he brings people together.  He is so […]

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How to start a FODMAP Diet

Start a FODMAP Diet

About a month ago I went to my doctor for a routine exam and in the course of conversation I started talking to her about an issue that I’ve been dealing with for almost 10 years.  Ten!  Wow!  IBS-C.  I’ve gone thru the gamut of testing over the years to see if the issues I […]

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Learning about Partnership

Battambang, Cambodia

No matter how excited I am about going on another mission trip to Cambodia, the hardest part has always been fundraising.  I have never been one who is good at asking for help.  I have always been afraid that I would be a burden to my family and friends by asking them to give to […]

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Family in town!

Crystal Valley, Colorado

Nate and I had a great time with Uncle Rogor, Aunt Kelly, Mom, Dad, Dan,and Alyse over the past week and we got a TON accomplished. Our house now looks like Cabela’s, we have a deck on the front of the house, a new firepit, the ‘construction zone’ has been disassembled and moved, the garage […]

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I Couldn’t Meal Plan!!! Easy Lunch

Easy Lunch Hack

As you probably saw in my last post, I didn’t have time to meal plan this week.  And I was so exhausted, I didn’t want to cook anything.  I do work downtown so I could eat out but that can get pretty expensive pretty quickly.  Instead, I looked thru the refrigerator, thought about what I […]

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