Cocktails with Kristie: Olive Martini

Gin Olive Martini Cocktail Recipe

In another installment of ‘Cocktails with Kristie‘ I bring to you one pretty amazingly simple concoction.  You need to give this Olive Martini a chance!!

Bombay Gin Sapphire Olive Martini Cocktail Recipe

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cocktail?!?!?  Well, only answer that if you are over 21 of course.  This girl loves a good cocktail and, I figure, its more fun when everyone is excited so we made cocktail hour a family affair at our house. When we say ‘cocktail’, the dogs get excited!  Most nights I’ll make one of my many ‘favorite’ cocktails, which always include ice and generally involve my cocktail shaker.  Favorite in quotes because every cocktail I make is my favorite!!

Catahoula and Cocktails
Yancy getting ready to snatch the cocktail out of mid air.

Its the ice cubes that our dogs get excited about.  When Nate and I first got together, Yancy’s treats were ice cubes and carrots. Of course I’m slowly changing that.  First, we increased 1000% the number of ice cubes that he has every day.  And, we changed the name from ice cubes to cocktails.  LOL!  

For the boys its a frantic search to get as many as the ‘cocktails’ that I throw or drop on the ground.  Yancy is amazing at catching the cocktails mid-air.  The most he has been able to hold on to at one time is 6, which I think is very impressive!  He’s caught up to 3 ice cubes at one time, which is equally impressive!


Evan, on the other hand, waits for them to drop and break before he is trying to get them.  I have seen him pick up the big ice cubes but he usually gives up on those fairly quickly and lets Yancy snatch them up.

Catahoula loves his Ice Cubes
Yancy is very excited about cocktails!

While the kids are busy getting all the ice off the floor [we never have a pool of water from a missed ice cube], I’m generally busy putting my drink together.  My drink of choice lately?  An olive martini.  I’ve tried it several different ways, with several different liqueurs but my favorite has been gin.  

Gin Olive Martini Cocktail Recipe

I love both Bombay Dry Gin and Bombay Sapphire, I buy whatever one is cheaper when I go into the liquor store.  For whatever reason, even without being on sale, the price will fluctuate significantly.  For a long time the Dry was cheaper by quite a bit. Lately though the Sapphire has been cheaper.  Either one taste great in my glass!

Since Sapphire has been on sale, that is the one I currently have.  And, I make my cocktail really easy just ice, a splash of olive juice, gin and two olives.  Easy peasy!

Cocktails with Kristie: Olive Martini

Cocktails with Kristie: Olive Martini


  • Ice
  • Olive Juice
  • 1 - 2 shots of Bombay Gin
  • 2 Olives


  1. Place the olives in your cocktail glass. In a cocktail shaker, fill half way with ice. Add a splash of olive juice and a shot or two of gin [I measure by count]. Shake hard to really break the ice up and make the martini extra cold. Pour the gin over the olives. Enjoy!


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