I Couldn’t Meal Plan!!! Easy Lunch

Easy Lunch Hack

As you probably saw in my last post, I didn’t have time to meal plan this week.  And I was so exhausted, I didn’t want to cook anything.  I do work downtown so I could eat out but that can get pretty expensive pretty quickly.  Instead, I looked thru the refrigerator, thought about what I […]

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Book Review: What I Know For Sure

What I Know For Sure Book Review

I’ve always been a big reader.  Always.  But, looking thru this blog you would never know it.  So I want to start changing that by sharing with you what I’m reading. Recently, I was introduced to Oprah Winfrey’s [not so new] book What I Know For Sure, on a podcast I think, so I ran over to […]

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My Favorites: Quotes

A year from now you'll wish you started today

Quotes can be a powerful thing.  They can change the way you think, the way you live, they can inspire you, make you think, make you wish and dream.  Quotes can motivate you, make you laugh, make you cry, remind you of people, places or things.  Quotes can also create attention to a movement or […]

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Creamy Chickpea Avocado Mushroom Pasta

Creamy Chickpea Avocado Mushroom Pasta Recipe

As I explained in my last blog post, originally I was planning to follow Rosanna Davison’s Cream Chickpea and Spinach Pasta recipe and I was just planning to add some cooked mushrooms.  What I was really excited about is that the pasta is chickpea, I didn’t even know they did that!  And I was super excited when […]

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