DIY Extra Large Reusable Rice Heat Wrap

DIY Reusable Rice Heat Wrap

  A long way back in my blog posts I told you that I would give you the pattern I used to make my DIY Reusable Rice Heat Wrap.  This wrap is extra large, which is exactly what I wanted for wrapping around my feet and ankles.  I absolutely love heating this thing up and […]

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32 Days To Go [But Who’s Counting]??

Me apparently!!!  Thirty-two more days until I leave Colorado on my mission trip to Cambodia!!! I’m so excited and so thrilled that I’m 2/3’s of the way to my fundraising goal! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to get me this far.  And thank you to all of you who have been […]

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Coconut Greens

Coconut Greens Recipe

  I was talking not too long ago about the benefits of coconut oil and that got me thinking about one of my favorite recipes to use coconut oil with [and one of the first I ever made.  I’ve been making variations of this delicious dish for years and years.  It’s been a staple for […]

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Plantar Faciitis Home Remedies

Rice Heat Bag Wrap Directions

So, I’ve done a ton of research lately online about plantar faciitis.  I’ve been on WebMD, Mayo Clinic website, forums, blog posts, and reading all the comments I can to figure out how to get my feet better. A little back story, a week ago Sunday I was relaxing on the couch with my husband […]

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I’ve moved over to the dark side…


After having an amazing weekend in Atlanta, I came home Sunday afternoon and spent the rest of the day relaxing on the couch with Nate.  I had gotten up at one point, I can’t really remember what for, and my left foot started to hurt.  Like, ‘ohh something doesn’t feel right, maybe its nothing’.  However, […]

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