We have a little family of owls living on the campus where I work.  I was pretty excited to see them a few days ago.  Today, I was walking between buildings and saw a group of co-workers standing by a tree so I assumed [correctly] that they were looking at the owls.  Luckily, Seth was […]

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I love having my old blogs to look back on.  Today, I had wanted to look up a recipe I had made a while back but couldn’t remember what it was called so I just starting rummaging thru my NYCpink blog.  What is nice is how much I know I am blessed. It’s given me […]

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Nate’s Website Redo

Nate May Leather Shop

Nate’s website was one of the first websites that I had done in a really long time.  I had created it with my favorite website maker, iWeb, and we loved it.  Unfortunately, Apple no longer supports iWeb and as much as I have thought it to be fabulous, Google just let me know that they […]

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