Lazy weekend

Snow in Crystal Valley Colorado

This was the perfect weekend to stay indoors, and that’s just what Nate and I did. The picture above takes you from Friday to Monday. Needless to say, we got and lost a lot of snow quickly. It was great being able to lay low, watch some movies and do some baking. I got to […]

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What to do with leftover ham??

Nate, my sister-in-law and I had an amazing Easter dinner recently.  Mostly it was an excuse to make ham and have carrot cake, but it was still pretty amazing.  Of course, when you have three people and 9 pounds of ham, there will be a lot of left overs.  Nate and I had left overs […]

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Another new website built!!

Nate May Construction

Well, this one technically is a photo blog but its still a website I created, none-the-less! And, its for my family, which is super cool!!! My parents are building a house out here in our tiny mountain town, Nate is in charge of the project and, of course, my brother is his right hand man. […]

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Is it OK to ‘Steal My Grandmother’s Style’?


  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis made thrift shopping OK.  They even made it cool to seal from your grandfather’s closet.  If you don’t believe me, watch this:   However, I had taken this cape from my Grandma’s closet long before Macklemore sang about it. So my question still remains… is it OK to steal your […]

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Turkey Hunting: Another something new!

Hunting Turkeys

After I got my hunter safety course completed at the beginning of the year, Nate asked me what I wanted to hunt.   At that time, I wasn’t working so I didn’t want to say something like ‘Zebra in Africa.’  And, I really don’t want to hunt those anyway but I am just saying I […]

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Calling all the Mountain Fashionistas!

High country fashion

One thing I have learned out here is that most people don’t care about fashion. Ok, maybe that is a lie, but they don’t relish in it like my friends in the city.  Pretty much all of the fashion blogs I find are from city girls… like Brooklyn Blond, The Londoner, or Extra Petite.  Don’t […]

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