New Website Created!!

Laura Mason Makeup Artist designed by Kristie May

I know, I know… I’ve been pretty quiet.  Not that there hasn’t been stuff going on around me… I just didn’t know what to say about any of it.  And, I like to think that if I don’t have anything to say I just keep my mouth shut. In any rate, one thing that has […]

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Luxurious Homemade Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

Hot Oil Hair Treatment Ingredients

If you have ever lived at 8,000 feet in Colorado you know its dry!!!  If I haven’t talked about it enough [here or here or here], I’m about to talk about it again.  It all starts back about three months ago… I had been trying to find a really good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for my hair […]

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Zana Really is a Warrior Princess

Nate May

Up until moving to 8,000 feet I’ve never owned a horse.  And, I really never intended too.  It was only after marrying my man and moving up here did I want one.  Mostly because Nate, my brother and sister-in-law all have one and I want to be able to ride with them. By devine intervention, […]

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